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ModelBase PriceMin. Sq. Ft.Max. Sq. Ft.FootprintPhotosBrochureInteractive PlanContact UsVirtual TourVideo TourFeatures
Ashland$440,0002,4963,52130 x 54PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Video Tour
Austen$435,0002,8113,39740 x 46PhotosBrochureContact Us!Video TourGarage Underneath
Kasey $470,0003,3426,64854 x 40Photos BrochureContact Us!Video Tour
Caleb$470,0003,2675,46746 x 49PhotosBrochureContact Us!
Carey$420,0002,6636,08950 x 38PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual TourVideo Tour
Durham$430,0002,7334,37938 x 57PhotosBrochureContact Us!Video Tour
Emma$420,0002,6165,01940 x 44PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Video Tour
McKenney$465,0002,6265,47556 x 64PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Rambler/1st Floor Primary
Morgan$530,0003,6687,50758 x 48PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual Tour1st Floor Primary
Warner$430,0002,8275,18144 x 46PhotosBrochureContact Us!
Winslow$585,0004,7228,20768 x 48PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual Tour
Travers$670,0005,74010,05972 x 52PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Video Tour
Travis $450,0002,7036,22452 x 44Photos BrochureVirtual Tour1st Floor Primary
Chloe$460,0002,9354,83140 x 46PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Video Tour
Jackson$432,0002,0804,69150 x 64PhotosBrochure Interactive Floor PlanContact Us!Rambler/1st Floor Primary
Pickering$383,0001,6892,80544 x 50PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual Tour
Rambler/1st Floor Primary
Sawyer$435,0002,4614,73342 x 40PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual Tour
Taylor$505,0004,0237,305 54 x 52PhotosBrochureContact Us!Video Tour
Finn$495,0003,6436,31042 x 66PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Video Tour
Jocelyn$450,0003,1506,31342 x 60PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual TourVideo Tour
Landon$575,0004,9688,70164 x 50PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Video Tour
Lowell$615,0004,7587,54358 x 54PhotosBrochureContact Us!Video Tour
Russell $540,0003,8486,80458 x 58Photos BrochureContact Us!Video Tour
Scarlett$475,0003,0875,07242 x 72PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!
Sienna$440,0003,3124,05242 x 51PhotosBrochureInteractive Floor PlanContact Us!Virtual TourVideo Tour
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