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ModelBase PriceSMart Home PriceMin. Sq. Ft.Max. Sq. Ft.FootprintBrochureInteractive PlanVirtual TourVideo TourFeaturesPhotosContact Us
The Ashland exterior | Stanley Martin Custom HomesAshland$440,000N/A2,4963,52130 x 54BrochureClickVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
017 1312 n quintana st arlington va 22205 23 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesAusten$435,000N/A2,8113,39740 x 46BrochureVideo TourGarage UnderneathPhotosContact Us!
NVA PO Kasey ModelHome 2 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesKasey $466,000$419,0003,3426,64854 x 40BrochureVideo TourPhotos Contact Us!
Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Caleb ModelCaleb$470,000N/A3,2675,46746 x 49BrochurePhotosContact Us!
CVL NF Carey Model FarmhouseElevation Front | Stanley Martin Custom HomesCarey$418,000N/A2,6636,08950 x 38BrochureClickVirtual TourVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
Durham Exterior Cropped | Stanley Martin Custom HomesDurham$430,000N/A2,7334,37938 x 57BrochureVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
Build a new home on your lot in Virginia and Maryland | Emma Model from Stanley Martin Custom HomesEmma$420,000N/A2,6165,01940 x 44BrochureVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
The McKenny exterior | Stanley Martin Custom HomesMcKenney$465,000N/A2,6265,47556 x 64BrochureClickRambler/1st Floor PrimaryPhotosContact Us!
Build a new home on your lot in Virginia and Maryland | Morgan Model from Stanley Martin Custom HomesMorgan$530,000N/A3,6687,50758 x 48BrochureClick1st Floor PrimaryPhotosContact Us!
Stanley Martin Custom Homes can build a Warner model on your lot in Northern Virginia or Montgomery County, Maryland.Warner$430,000N/A2,8275,18144 x 46BrochurePhotosContact Us!
Build a Home On Your Lot in Virginia | Winslow Model from Stanley Martin Custom HomesWinslow$585,000N/A4,7228,20768 x 48BrochureClickPhotosContact Us!
001 26042 grassland grove dr ext 1 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesTravers$645,000N/A5,74010,05972 x 52BrochureClickVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
Build a new home on your lot in Virginia and Maryland | Travis Model from Stanley Martin Custom HomesTravis $450,000N/A2,7036,22452 x 44BrochureVirtual Tour1st Floor PrimaryPhotos Contact Us!
RIC LK Chloe MIR Exterior comp | Stanley Martin Custom HomesChloe$460,000N/A2,9354,83140 x 46BrochureClickVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
Jackson Exterior comp | Stanley Martin Custom HomesJackson$432,000N/A2,0804,69150 x 64Brochure ClickRambler/1st Floor PrimaryPhotosContact Us!
Build a new home on your lot in Virginia and Maryland | Pickering Model from Stanley Martin Custom HomesPickering$383,000N/A1,6892,80544 x 50BrochureClickVirtual Tour
Rambler/1st Floor PrimaryPhotosContact Us!
RIC CL Sawyer MIR Exterior2 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesSawyer$435,000N/A2,4614,73342 x 40BrochurePhotosContact Us!
003 003 9048 jeffery rd great falls va 22066410.mfd | Stanley Martin Custom HomesTaylor$525,000$455,0004,0237,305 54 x 52BrochureVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
Cropped NVA RWO FinnModelHome 25 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesFinn$495,000$403,0003,6436,31042 x 66BrochureClickVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
NVA RWO JocelynModelHome Photos 15 3228x2355 1 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesJocelyn$450,000$391,0003,1506,31342 x 60BrochureClickVirtual TourVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
NVA GW TheLandon ModelHome Photography 66 1 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesLandon$560,000$499,0004,9688,70164 x 50BrochureClickVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
The Lowell 00126 D elevcomp | Stanley Martin Custom HomesLowell$615,000N/A4,7587,54358 x 54BrochureVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
Russell Exterior | Stanley Martin Custom HomesRussell $515,000$453,0003,8486,80458 x 58BrochureVideo TourPhotos Contact Us!
NVA RWO Scarlett Lot 134 Tailored C Exterior 6 2035x1357 1 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesScarlett$475,000$385,0003,0875,07242 x 72BrochureClickPhotosContact Us!
NVA YFT Sienna Model Exterior 2 | Stanley Martin Custom HomesSienna$475,000$388,0003,3124,05242 x 51BrochureClickVirtual TourVideo TourPhotosContact Us!
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