Site Work

  • 3 components to SMCH transaction price:
    • Cost of land
    • Cost of new home
    • Cost of site work
  • Site work consists of all the activities that need to occur in order to build your home
  • Examples of site work are demolition of the existing home, site engineering, driveways, landscaping, tree removal, dirt export, permits, fire sprinklers, street cleaning, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Buyers who are want to build on a vacant lot need to budget extra money for site costs compared to buyers who want to tear down and build new
  • One reason that site work is budgeted on a separate line item is because site costs vary from property to property and jurisdiction to jurisdiction
  • Specific examples of site costs:
    • The extent and therefore cost of dirt export is largely determined by the size of the home being built. Larger homes generate more dirt during excavation.
    • Rain gardens are required by some jurisdictions and not by others. This is a jurisdictionally specific site cost.

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