Testimonials From The Customers Of Stanley Martin Custom Homes

Here are some testimonials from our customers that have built their dream home with Stanley Martin Custom Homes

“Our project manager has and continues to be responsive, courteous, helpful and kind to us, who were coming from a terrible previous experience. This was absolutely helpful to us psychologically.”

Arlington, VA | November 2023 

“There’s always a few niggles and unknowns along the way. Project management, scale of support, and a professional back-end team means it’s pretty seamless. SMCH has figured out how to get repeat business in a challenging economy. They have everything tied to a process and it works very well. This is our second build with them and because the first was so easy, we knew exactly what to expect. From first engagement through selections through project management, you really won’t find better. The executive leadership is hands on. That makes a huge difference when you need a fast decision. Plus they’re a great team of people who understand that house building can be stressful. The most stressful part for us was finding a good moving company! Quality build, quality product and fantastic service. If you’re doing this as a first timer, SMCH will ease you into the whole experience and explain everything along the way. Plus, they’re big so they don’t suffer the same challenging supply chain issues that smaller companies might – that was important to us. When you’re home   is constructed and ready within 8 months of excavation, there’s not much to complain about. Would we do it again? Yes, and we’ll do it again with SMCH.”

Alexandria, VA | February 2023

“Nothing fell short. Keep up the good work. Brian McGranahan’s technical expertise and professional approach was something beyond my expectations. His accomplishments and delivery of the house is very much exceptional. If I build another home, I will insist on him being the Project Manager without having any doubt. My overall experience with SMCH from day one was outstanding. SMCH has made my dream (custom) house come true. I did interview other builders and we feel our decision to go with SMCH is the right one. If I have to build another house, without a doubt, SMCH will be my choice.”

Middleburg, VA | January 2023

“This was a great overall experience building our first home. We were satisfied with the timing, quality, and project manager who had great knowledge and cared.”

Falls Church, VA | December 2022

“Working with the project manager. The PM was very professional, cares a lot about my experience and quality of the work. Whenever there is a question or issue, he tried to solve it immediately. He also demonstrated a lot of flexibility and tried to cater our needs. Overall good communication, great results.”

Fairfax, VA | November 2022

“The relative ease of the entire process. In the era of supply bottlenecks and shortages, everything (except our doggy door and an exterior light fixture) for our house arrived on schedule and there were no delays. We are convinced that Stanley Martin’s economies of scale was critical to ensuring that all relevant materials (windows, doors, siding, appliances) arrived as scheduled and there were no delays. We were on a budget, and appreciated that the cost of the house was a fixed price, and that the house came with great standard features. We also enjoyed watching Stanley Martin Custom Homes’ Youtube channel and learning from it, and even enjoyed seeing our house used in an example. Tim Brassfield, our project manager, was amazing! His communication was great and he successfully navigated the challenges of our lot, which is smaller than 5000sq ft and has retaining walls on 3 of the 4 sides; he handled any issues with our neighbors in a polite, courteous, and timely manner. His ideas and insight during construction helped us make informed decisions about our home, and we trusted him to make our family’s home a reality and he succeeded! Most importantly, when Tim knew that our house was close to completion and our rental lease was expiring he seemingly dedicated every waking moment to ensuring that our house was complete and received the occupancy permit before our rental lease ended. We also are very appreciative of Michael and John for their support in the initial design, Russell for getting our permits through approval and navigating the challenges of our lot, Heather for her support at the design center, and Karen’s communication.”

Arlington, VA | November 2022

“Greg was extremely attentive and open to our feedback. He addressed all issues in a timely manner and it really felt like we were all partners in the home building process.”
Falls Church, VA | July 2022

“A very professional and experienced team who can guide through the daunting building process. We are glad to have chosen SMCH for our project.”
Gaithersburg, MD | June 2022

“Our project manager was an awesome SMCH representative. He was on top of everything at every stage of the process and made said process an awesome experience. Kudos + some!”
Annandale, VA | March 2022

“Experience, professionalism and honesty”
Alexandria, VA | January 2022

“We are very satisfied with our experience with Stanley Martin Custom Homes and have recommended them widely. Our project manager was terrific to work with and made a very stressful process go as smooth as possible. Laura Lovo was very helpful throughout the selections process and very helpful whenever we did have questions about selections throughout the build process. Michael Schnitzer was very easy to work with and attentive even when we had to make some drastic changes to our home design.”
Potomac, MD | March 2022

“My family and I have nothing but positive things to say about SMCH. We started looking for a contractor to build us our dream home and after a good bit of research, we decided to pick Stanley Martin Custom Homes. Everyone was so responsive and professional. The design process was fun and organized, the workmanship is exceptional, and we were guided throughout the entire process from start to finish. Mike made it fun to work on the layout and build, and our project manager was very responsive and genuinely wonderful to work with. Although the build took a little bit longer than expected given the pandemic and permitting process, it was worth the wait. Today was are happily settled in our new home and so glad we chose Stanley Martin Custom Homes to make our dream project come true. Thank you!”
Annandale, VA | April 2022

“We met with several renovation contractors about renovating our home and quickly realized it was going to be more costly than we expected. Not to mention, we could not get everything we wanted with a renovation. We contacted Stanley Martin Custom Homes to see what our options might be and were thrilled to learn we could build a brand new home for about the same cost as a renovation, And with the new build we got EVERYTHING we wanted. We could not be happier with our new home and appreciate the time and care SMCH put into educating us about our new home build project.”

Alexandria, VA | August 2021

“Greg is an exceptional Project Manager. My wife and I could not be happier. He guided us through everything, answered all of our questions, and was incredibly responsive. The entire SMCH team did an exceptional job overall. Working with Mike and Russell on the design was enjoyable and stress free, working with Laura on our selections was so much fun (she’s fantastic and had excellent recommendations for us) and the “back office” support team was polite, knowledgeable, and super responsive. From start to finish, SMCH did a great job. We will definitely recommend SMCH to our friends in our community.”
Falls Church, VA | May 2021

“Building a custom home is a journey that takes a team effort. When building a custom home, there are going to be bumps in the road. From selecting the model, site work, design and actual build, the SMCH team always had the perfect solution. Many times providing a custom solution. Another area of great satisfaction is the design. We visited many other custom home builders but always came back to SMCH for their great designs. We have had many compliments on the outside and inside of our new home.”
Vienna, VA | April 2021

“We were very nervous about taking on a new build in Vienna, but SMCH has an incredible process that kept us organized and on target along the way. The back office kept us up to speed on what we needed to do, and what was happening on their end. Laura was an incredible design consultant, and helped us with lots of changes along the way. Brian was a great project manager, meeting with us weekly and helping stay on schedule. We finished on time with a beautiful, functional home that was within our budget. We couldn’t be happier with it. A year and a half later, no issues! And the team continues to check in just to make sure of that. Really high quality team and results.”
Vienna, VA | November 2019

“Building a custom home can be like a root canal: no matter what, the process is going to be painful. Stanley Martin is the nitrous oxide: they transform an experience that’s inherently anxiety provoking and difficult and painful into one that’s pretty much pleasant. I credit that to their amazing staff: Everyone was competent, patient and at every turn, demonstrably willing to move heaven and earth to satisfy.”
Falls Church, VA | October 2019

“We were extremely impressed with Stanley Martin Custom Homes. We shopped around for the right execution – the best combination of price, design, speed and customer service. After getting quotes from a number of builders on their stock plans and also on our own custom plans, we were amazed at how much cheaper Stanley Martin could build their stock plans. While we didn’t end up building our own custom designed home, we were able to make enough modifications to one of their stock house plans to get a house we really loved, and without busting our budget. The process with Stanley Martin can move really fast if you know what you want and manage your responsibilities in a timely fashion. Stanley Martin started building our home months after, yet finished months before several comparable new homes that were being built by competitive builders in our our neighborhood. They seem to really have their subcontractors dialed-in. They are really very thoughtful about the customer experience as well, you can tell it’s been cultivated over decades in the business. I would recommend Stanley Martin Custom Homes to anyone looking to build a custom home in the DMV.”
Alexandria, VA | September 2019

“Having built multiple homes here in the Mid-Atlantic region, SMCH far and away exceeded all expectations. The two main differences: professional communication (documents, emails, calls, texts, outlined processes), and quality management (experience, materials pipeline, trades over-site, built process, problem resolution, upgrade/change order process and implementation). Pricing is more than competitive, quality materials; friendly, well-qualified staff at every step (land purchase, design, build, warranty management). If you don’t consider them as one of your options, you’re making a mistake!”
Manassas, VA | January 2019

“We were so pleased with SMCH willingness to work with us on the green home choice certification and deconstruction process and appreciate their work to go outside standard products to give us eco-friendly selection options.”
Arlington, VA | July 2018

“We are most satisfied with our general contractor. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and made time for us. These are just the qualities that stood out.”
Vienna, VA | August 2017

“The consistent professionalism of the team – from Michael designing, Allie in the office, Laura in Selections and Tim’s outstanding customer service all through construction. We have worked with dozens of construction firms and hundreds of personnel in our professional lives – your team is among the most talented we have seen. Our project saw a few curveballs but, the team responded supportively and professionally at every turn.”
Falls Church, VA | July 2017

“The overall build quality, value of the product, and efficiency of the process makes (Stanley Martin Custom Homes) stand out over its competitors. This is our second Stanley Martin custom home and we have seen strong improvement in the overall design/build process over the past 5 years.”
Falls Church, VA | January 2017

“My wife and I owned a lot in Loudoun County and decided that we would build a home on the lot. This was the easy part and very soon we realized the sheer challenge we were faced with in bringing together all the pieces that go into building a home…from the permit process through coordinating with all the trades that are involved. Fortunately for us, we discovered Stanley Martin Custom Homes (SMCH). SMCH managed the entire building process guiding us at each step, while still ensuring that the final decision was always ours. SMCH brought to bear their wide experience working with various trades, always ensuring that we got the best in each trade to work on our home. All the folks at SMCH that we interacted with including their management, design studio and construction staff were extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The final result – our new home – speaks for itself and we are very pleased with how our home has turned out. Thank you SMCH!”
Ashburn, VA | February 2016

“We were very happy overall with the design process working with Michael. No problem was insurmountable, and we were highly satisfied with the final design. When Craig came on board and the house project got started, we were very impressed with how smoothly things went, how any issues were overcome professionally, and how well our expectations were managed throughout. We felt Craig went above and beyond for us, to make sure our home was just how we wanted it up to the very end, and after, and we are sincerely grateful for this.”
Arlington, VA | July 2015

“We are truly delighted with our new home. Everyone that we have interacted with at (Stanley Martin Custom Homes) has been extraordinary. Michael Schnitzer was more than patient with us through our two year process. Michael worked with us initially and respected the fact that we had to put our plans on hold for a year. When we returned, he remembered all of our goals and expectations. Laura Thatcher is the best design consultant anyone could ever ask for. She was honest and quickly learned our style and preferences to provide valuable recommendations that have resulted in a beautiful home. As I mentioned above, The VP at SMCH was a blessing to us. He jumped right in and delivered a quality product 30 days early. Scott Clarke was also very instrumental in our project. Anytime there was an issue, he made himself available to ensure things were taken care of to our satisfaction. There is no way we could not mention the efforts of Allie, Jennifer, Caelan and Darlene. We hate to say that their work is behind the scenes. All of their support was instrumental to us being in our home today. Lastly, the very special touch of providing a house warming gift at closing was a great surprise. We truly appreciate the gift and it is a beautiful reminder that Stanley Martin Custom Homes was the right builder for the Newsome home. THANK YOU!”
Alexandria, VA | September 2014

“I was very impressed and pleased with the incredible attention to detail provided from start to finish – from the initial design process through construction. I particularly was pleased with the construction manager and site manager. Both were incredibly knowledgable and professional, and they provided a personal touch to the process (considering, for example, the fact that a pressed concrete driveway would affect roller blades and bicycles). I particularly appreciated their straightforwardness and candor. I had complete trust in them. I also was very pleased with the attention given after settling. I was so happy that SMCH was there with answers and assistance when a few issues arose after I already had the keys. I went into this process very hesitant, having heard so many stories from friends in real estate, and left so happy with the process.”
Arlington, VA | April 2010

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