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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Largesse

One thing that you will find with the Stanley Martin Custom Home company is that we dovetail one Stanley Martin production. We have totally separate processes, we have separate employees, separate ways of delivering the homes to have an enjoyable experience but one thing our customers have come to appreciate is based on the largesse of Stanley Martin we’re able to get a buying power that is second to none in the industry. We have national accounts we have in our main office and Reston we have people who all they do is do large buying deals on commodities so for instance on the quartz or the granite while some builders may be working with various trades their unit costs will be significantly higher than Stanley Martin for two reasons one is we’re buying thousands and thousands of homes a year from these trades, that’s number one so it’s just huge volume two is based on our largesse we have always, and this goes back to 1966 paid our bills on time. We’re highly liquid well capitalized and trades want to work with builders who pay them on time in good times and in bad and they certainly want to work with builders who have great buying power. So in summary largesse of Stanley Martin we dovetail wind that largesse but we box it up if you will in a way in a boutique manner so it resonates with our custom home buyers.

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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Model Homes

So one of the advantages among many that we have as a boutique builder who dovetails on Stanley Martin production is Stanley Martin as a large entity has many many furnished model homes throughout the metropolitan area and many of our customers enjoy the the ability to look at a plan that they may see you online but then go visit a community and viscerally get a sense for the space. One other advantage is they’ll be able to see what professional designers have done to the space in terms of decorating and different features to give you an idea of other things that you can do. Stanley Martin as a large builder we again we dovetail on that, we do modify as our customers may request any of the plans whether it’s the inside of the home whether it’s the exterior of the home we want to make sure that we get the plan right for our customer so quite often we’ll take a plan and by the time you see the final product you’re like wow how did that plan evolve into the plan that we’re building!

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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Plats

All right so I’m gonna just chat a little bit about plats and why they’re so important. When we are trying to support you during the sales phase a plat will give us the ability to determine exactly what size home will fit on your property so before your first meeting it’s a really good idea to send a plat over so we can get it to our back office. Generally speaking our back office will analyze your plat they’ll scale it so if it’s not to scale they’ll scale it and they’ll let us know at your first meeting exactly what size home will fit on the property. Now there could be easements and there could be other factors that we may not be aware of at the beginning stages of the transaction that can affect the building envelope but without a plat we’re kind of swinging in the dark so if you have one shoot it over it’ll really help us help you in the process.

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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Test Drive Our Process

Buying a new home is an important personal process for you and it is for us too. At Stanley Martin Custom Homes we give you a test drive through the entire

process from design studio, to site work, to financing. We do this so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises during construction, we also do all of this for free.

Give us a call or click today so we can get you started on the path to your very own Stanley Martin Custom Home.

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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Your Budget

So why do we ask you what your budget is? Really what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to see this transaction from your perspective. I think most

folks when they originally start the process with us are not really even sure what their budget is. We have a minimum number that we want to

get in front of you before you come in to your first meeting which we have in our documentation that we email out.

Really if you’re not comfortable with a certain minimum number there’s really no point to get too deep into the conversation. The next thing is most people out

there don’t realize all of the factors that go into the price of a home and I’ve got lots of conversations that are out there regarding how our process works and

things like that, I would recommend you watch our Circle of Activities video which really explains what we have to go through to get a price, but we do meet a lot

of people that come in and they may tell us their budget is six hundred thousand they start describing the house they want to build and we can immediately start

to think “well that might be eight or nine hundred thousand or a million,” some people come in with pictures and we can see what is in front of us and we can

say “wow there’s no way this is going to be a six hundred thousand dollar home,” and then we will just try to get realigned with you. Is your budget really six

hundred thousand do you really  not know, are you gonna be comfortable if we go through the process if we go through the circle of activities and we come back

to you with the price of nine hundred thousand are you gonna say boy this is just a total non-starter?

We just want to have alignment with you we want to manage your expectations and we want to respect your budget so whatever you tell us your budget is we’re

just going to kind of park it in the back of our mind. We’re going to go through the process with you, the numbers are what they are, what the site work is going

to be what it is, the back office is going to price out the house and in fact when the back-office prices out the home they don’t even know what your budget is, we

do the design we send the design over to the back office, the back office sends us back a price I may have in my notes what you’ve told me at the first meeting

what your what your budget is but then the numbers kind of come back they are what they are and we cannot know how much a house is going to cost to build

until we go through the design and the pricing exercise so we can wing it and we can throw some wild estimates out there but we’ve got a process that gets exact

numbers on a spreadsheet for you and we want to start with the end in mind so if you have an idea what your budget is that’s great if not you may want to

consult with a lender and you know make loan applications or have some conversations with a lender to try to determine where you want to be on budget

because that will make the experience for you all that much more enjoyable.

Any questions or conversations you want to have with me about budget before your first meeting or after just let me know, I’m happy to help

you through the process.

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Stanley Martin Custom Homes | Understanding Your Options

When you buy a new home it’s very important to understand exactly how much money you may spend when you get to the phase where you’re choosing your options.

At Stanley Martin custom homes we bring you to our Design Studio during the buying phase so we can show you all of the finishes that are available to you and we give you all of the upgrade pricing upfront so you completely understand where you’re going to be spending money later in the transaction.

We do this because we want to avoid unpleasant surprises during construction, if you want to learn more about our process contact us today and we can get you started on the path to your very own Stanley Martin Custom Home.

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