Services Agreement

  • There are two ways to approach a build-on-your-lot transaction when you’re in market for a building lot:
  1. Get a property under contract with a study period
  2. Do your due diligence first and enter into a services agreement
  • When you receive the services agreement document, fill it out with your name and address, sign it at the bottom, and return it to SMCH along with your retainer check. This will put you in services agreement.
  • Once you’re in services agreement, you can get a few things done with us for no extra charge before getting a property under contract:
    • We’ll set up a feasibility meeting where all involved parties will meet with John Jorgenson and SMCH President Michael Schnitzer
    • We’ll take a look at your budget and expectations and we’ll price out a mock home for you
    • Setback sketches: You send us the address of a property you’re looking at, and our engineer will look up zoning and give us a setback sketch, which is a drawing of the property’s building envelope that will enable us to perform a lot-fit verification. You will also receive a copy of this sketch.
    • Desk review: We will look up info and satellite imagery of a property before visiting it to provide you with information on the property and project site costs
  • You can request site visits paid for with your retainer so one of our team members can visit the property and hone the site cost estimate. You can join this team member and they walk the property with you and explain the site costs.

John Jorgenson of Long & Foster is the exclusive agent for Stanley Martin Custom Homes.

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