• Once you find the perfect lot, you’ll want to get it under contract before someone else does
  • Stanley Martin Custom Homes does not compete with its buyers for lots
  • Steps leading up to contingent contract:
    • Locate the property
    • Determine offer price
    • Write the offer
    • Submit the offer to the seller
    • Negotiate the offer
    • Ratify the offer into a contingent contract with a study period
  • After getting a ratified sales contract, contact us and…
    • We’ll help you choose a model and see if it fits on the property’s building envelope
    • We’ll begin to prepare your package so you can submit it to your lender and finalize financing
    • We’ll determine what feasibility studies need to be performed
  • After we complete the feasibility studies:
    • We’ll remove the contingency so you can move forward to settlement
    • We’ll begin finalizing your plans for submission to the county

John Jorgenson of Long & Foster is the exclusive agent for Stanley Martin Custom Homes.

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