So one of the advantages among many that we have as a boutique builder who dovetails on Stanley Martin production is Stanley Martin as a large entity has many many furnished model homes throughout the metropolitan area and many of our customers enjoy the the ability to look at a plan that they may see you online but then go visit a community and viscerally get a sense for the space. One other advantage is they’ll be able to see what professional designers have done to the space in terms of decorating and different features to give you an idea of other things that you can do. Stanley Martin as a large builder we again we dovetail on that, we do modify as our customers may request any of the plans whether it’s the inside of the home whether it’s the exterior of the home we want to make sure that we get the plan right for our customer so quite often we’ll take a plan and by the time you see the final product you’re like wow how did that plan evolve into the plan that we’re building!

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