One thing that you will find with the Stanley Martin Custom Home company is that we dovetail one Stanley Martin production. We have totally separate processes, we have separate employees, separate ways of delivering the homes to have an enjoyable experience but one thing our customers have come to appreciate is based on the largesse of Stanley Martin we’re able to get a buying power that is second to none in the industry. We have national accounts we have in our main office and Reston we have people who all they do is do large buying deals on commodities so for instance on the quartz or the granite while some builders may be working with various trades their unit costs will be significantly higher than Stanley Martin for two reasons one is we’re buying thousands and thousands of homes a year from these trades, that’s number one so it’s just huge volume two is based on our largesse we have always, and this goes back to 1966 paid our bills on time. We’re highly liquid well capitalized and trades want to work with builders who pay them on time in good times and in bad and they certainly want to work with builders who have great buying power. So in summary largesse of Stanley Martin we dovetail wind that largesse but we box it up if you will in a way in a boutique manner so it resonates with our custom home buyers.

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